The Polar Dimension is a dimension that is interfering with the teleporters, Sometimes, when Viridian uses a teleporter, it teleports him and the crewmate he rescued there, It is where Intermission 1 & 2 and the Final Level are located,

Trivia Edit

  • If you enter it, there is no signal but you still get teleported here, After you get to the end of an intermission, you can get to the teleporter to get back to the ship (despite no signal!)
  • It appears on Dimension Open, where a terminal in a lab states that instability is a problem in dimensions due to the absence of some chemicals, These dimensions will need artificial dimensions attached to them to hold Dimensional Stabilisers
  • The Polar Dimension uses a grey Warp Zone tileset
  • In the saves, it is called "Outside Dimension VVVVVV"

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