The Secret Lab is the second lab of the game, It can only be accessed by collecting all of the trinkets, You cannot save here,

How to get there Edit

After collecting all of the trinkets, talk to Victoria, then all the trinkets will destroy, creating a giant warp token leading you to a locked room, where Viridian and other crewmates have to combine into a VVVVVV Man (name given by level editor internal script 'vvvvvvman()') that will destroy walls and take you to the secret lab

Achievements Edit

The secret lab has two rooms full of achievements, one for achievements like completing the game and in flip mode, and the other one for the Master of the Universe achievement for completing the game in No Death Mode

The Super Gravitron Edit

Once the player gets to Vermilion, he found a warp token to the minigame of the Super Gravitron, He will say that his personal record is 10 seconds, Near a warp token, there is a terminal that states the minigame is for entertainment purposes only, warning that anyone using it for educational purposes will stand in the naughty corner, It is a harder version of the gravitron and is infinite, Playing it until 1 minute will earn you some achievements

Trivia Edit

  • The Super Gravitron is also available as a separate game for free on Android and iOS devices, This does not mean the original game does not have it
  • The only way to leave the secret lab is to save, and quit the game

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