The ship is where the crewmates rest before the crash and after being rescued, It is commanded by the player (Captain Viridian), and he has five crewmates, There are no spikes and dangers in the Ship, And it's a place where the crewmates can rest and play, The crewmates appear in the rooms that have the same color as them after being found, and they tend to stay there,

The D.S.S. Souleye is 2 rooms tall by 3 rooms wide, which makes rooms for the crewmates, The dark blue room is where the trinkets are located, the trinkets are guarded by Victoria, When all of the trinkets are found, a giant warp token will appear, and will teleport the crew into the Secret Lab, Verdigris resides in the green room, with the Jukebox, which has all the songs on the game, except for the 3DS edit of Predestined Fate, Piercing The Sky, and Paced Energy, To the right, there is a pink room where Violet hangs out, It is the bridge of The Ship, They are located on the top level,

On the bottom level, there is a light blue room that contains a teleporter, which is Viridian's room because of its color, To the right, there is a yellow room where Vitellary hangs out and the exit of the Souleye, If you go down, you will drop to Dimension VVVVVV, The exit room is red, because it is Vermilion's room

Trivia Edit

  • There are several parts of the Souleye in the outside, which means that part of the dimension was damaged by parts of the D.S.S. Souleye
  • The Ship can't be completed and has no challenge,

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