VVVVVV (pronounced the letter V six times, V6, Vs, or just Vee) is a game by Terry Cavanagh, The game is about a group of scientists, captains and professors travelling in a space ship until it crashes, Captain Viridian must find his friends and escape the dimension, The game is devoted to the Commodore 64 era, The game was first released on PC, but it can now be played on the Android, 3DS, Mac, iOS, and Linux, After 2.0, Terry released VVVVVV - Make and Play Edition which includes only the player levels and the level editor

Gameplay Edit

Unlike other platformers, the player can't jump but can flip gravity, You have to navigate Captain Viridian across various obstacles to rescue crewmates

Due to its high difficulty, the game has lots of checkpoints

Plot Edit

While the crew travels through the space, Viridian detects an interference, causing the ship to crash, They attempted to escape with a teleporter, but got teleported in random places in the dimension, Viridian needs to find his friends and get out of here, Then find the source of the interference

Reviews Edit

VVVVVV was praised by the critics, the soundtrack and difficulty were the first subjects that come in mind, IGN said "VVVVVV is all about style, and if you just can't appreciate the time warp aesthetic, you should probably find your kicks elsewhere. While VVVVVV's stripped-down graphics can feel cold at times, the game's soundtrack helps warm it up." and gave it a 7.5, TouchArcade said "VVVVVV is great on pretty much every platform it's been released on" and gave it a 10, Destructoid gave it a 9.5 and Metacritic gave 4

Room names Edit

The rooms that make up the levels each have names, by Bennett Foddy, the developer of QWOP, Most of the room names seem to be references to culture or events

Wiki Edit

There are many wikis about the game, and many of them are now dead, including the VVVVVV wiki (,

Trivia Edit

  • The soundtrack's name is PPPPPP, because as the crewmate's names start with V, the songs' names start with P
  • In 2.0, Piercing The Sky and Paced Energy were added into the game, However, they came too late to be part of the original game and the soundtrack, So they can be heard in various custom levels and SoulEye's album "Adventure"

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