Captain Viridian is a Villi and is the captain of the D.S.S. Souleye, He is also the main character of the game, in which the player controls him, His most prominent ability is to flip, which helps him traverse into what is impossible for human beings, He is the singer at the end of the game

Trivia Edit

  • Viridian is a color comparable to cyan, It is the reason for his name,
  • His gender is not revealed in the game, though most custom levels treat him as male, There's not much evidence to support belief that he is female, and many assume that Viridian is male,
  • The only information Terry has given about Viridian's gender is the fact that he made the gender uncertain on purpose
  • A terminal in Quantum Tunnel asks for his gender, but it is still uncertain,
  • He is an unlockable character in Super Meat Boy

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